The Beginning of the Beginning

Well, we've broken ground! Bye-bye ugly little shed, and hello new addition! What in the world is going in there? No, it isn't an indoor pool, (not that it didn't cross my mind!) It will be a 2 level building, with access from the hardware store. What will be downstairs? GIFT SHOP! What will be upstairs? PAPERCRAFTING! SCRAPBOOKING! OFFICE SUPPLIES! CARD MAKING! STAMPS! INK! PENS! TABLES FOR DEMOS AND CLASSES AND FREE PAPERCRAFTING OPPORTUNITIES! YAY! Okay, I should definately switch to decaf, huh?

Posies Galore

How many plants can you fit in a Ford F150? Well, it depends on who is driving AND how tiny your employee is! (AND how willing she is to become a part of a front seat garden!) Thankfully, Olivia was very obliging, although I have no idea how she got her feet to "hover" all the way home so as not to crush all the red lupines! It only hailed on us twice, and the sun peeked out at us a few times in between. Ahh, Spring in Maine!


Gardener's delights!

Wow, Spring has surely sprung!!! The delivery trucks have been arriving almost daily with new products to put on the sales floor. We (meaning the females who work here) are having a blast unpacking all the fun and useful items as fast as we can!