Where did this delightful
shop come from?
It sprouted out of a rural
hardware store! 
How could this be? 
Well, a man named Vick Pease had a vision…
of a handy hardware store
in a lovely valley in Union, Maine.   
He built that store,
and his dream came true. 
Then, 5 years later,
Vick had another dream come true:
he married Shanie!
(He may tell this story differently,
but he will have to figure out
how to blog it for himself). 
Shanie didn’t have much experience in the hardware industry,
but she did know how to run a cash register, and she really enjoyed working with people. 
As she got to know the townsfolk, they began making requests for things that they might not otherwise have suggested to Vick. 
“Shanie, couldn’t you carry cards?” 
“Shanie, it’s our anniversary, what could I get my wife?” “Shanie, my husband sent me down for bolts, but I have chapped lips...
do you have any lip balm?” 
And so on…  
Shanie listened. 
Then, Vick listened to Shanie. 
Together, she and the townsfolk made their cases for each new product line. Before long, the entire Burt’s Bees line had appeared within the walls, along with Leanin’ Tree Cards, Woodstock Chimes, Red Carpet Studio's Scarves, Tag Linens, Scrapbooking Supplies, and a whole lot more!  
16 Years after putting Shanie behind the cash register, Vick found himself building an addition onto his hardware store in order
to house what had become
“Shanie’s Gifts & Scrapbooking.” 
Her store was now equal in size to his, and he was hoping to get his man-cave back. He currently calls things like the jewelry display on his front counter
but she says she never made any promises. 
Drop in sometime for a visit! They’ll offer you a free sample of fudge, and whether you’re there just to browse or to pick up some crafting supplies,
you’ll be welcomed! 
And yes, they still have hardware.